Shopr App - Instant Cash BackShopr, which launches in August 2024, is a cutting-edge mobile-based rewards program designed to redefine customer loyalty in partnership with leading businesses across various sectors.

Launching initially for the Hospitality, Vacation & Travel industries, Shopr empowers its client’s customers to earn instant cash back rewards on everyday spending at over 325 major retail, restaurant, and recreational brands nationwide.

Unlike traditional loyalty programs confined within a single ecosystem, Shopr enables consumers to accumulate rewards beyond the boundaries of any single company, thereby offering unparalleled flexibility and value. Customers can earn an average of 5% instant cash back on their everyday purchases, which they can seamlessly convert into enhanced offerings from the company that provided them with access to Shopr as part of their loyalty rewards program.

What really sets Shopr apart is its unique ability to allow customers to earn instant cash back without coupons, exclusions or restrictions on both in-person and online purchases across hundreds of merchants. With an easy to navigate mobile app, users can purchase items as quickly as using a standalone credit card, and also still benefit from any rewards their chosen credit card provides them – providing a valuable and always available “in the palm of your hand” experience.

The app’s cutting-edge functionality provides a perfect balance between easy-to-use navigation and smart features that keep customers coming back for more.

Additionally, its co-branded environment boasts many features for Shopr’s clients. Those that adopt Shopr as its reward platform can co-brand the experience by adding their logo in-app and changing the user interface to match their two primary brand colors.

Finally, Shopr takes the client experience beyond the app with a powerful marketing and communication dashboard which also includes detailed analytics on customer spending.

Clients can cancel accounts or reward individuals with in-app cash or reward points that they can only redeem towards its own products and services. They can add custom content to the app for informational purposes or call-to-action sales and marketing; and suppress merchants that compete with them. Clients can also communicate with customers in-app with splash screen messages or push notifications to all or just segments of their database determined by smart filters based on demographics or engagement behavior.

“Shopr represents a paradigm shift in how businesses can engage with and reward their customers,” said Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO of Shopr. “By leveraging our innovative platform, companies can foster deeper connections with their customer base, increase repeat business, and drive growth through a compelling rewards system that delivers tangible benefits and guaranteed future revenue.”

Shopr is poised to disrupt the loyalty landscape by democratizing access to rewards across a diverse array of brands, ensuring that consumers can maximize the value of their spending while enjoying the products and services they love. The program’s user-friendly mobile interface and seamless integration with existing loyalty frameworks make it a powerful tool for businesses looking to differentiate themselves in competitive markets.

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About Shopr: Shopr is a pioneering mobile-based rewards program that allows consumers to earn instant cash back rewards on everyday spending at over 325 major retail, restaurant, and recreational brands nationwide. By enabling customers to then redeem these rewards with the originating company and offering powerful, integrated marketing and communication software, Shopr enhances brand loyalty, enhances customer engagement and drives future transactions.